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Maintaining functional plumbing systems in multifamily and assisted living properties is paramount. At Matrix Plumbing, our property maintenance and plumbing services stand the test of time and provide peace of mind to property owners. Our team stays updated with the latest industry standards, plumbing materials, and technology to provide lasting results and cost-effective solutions. From the moment you contact us, you can expect clear communication, prompt responses, and a dedication to resolving your plumbing issues efficiently.

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Assisted Plumbing Services

Our Multifamily and Assisted Living Property Maintenance and Plumbing Services

With 10+ years of experience, we take pride in offering cost-effective and reliable multifamily and assisted living plumbing services. With a team of industry experts, we specialize in catering to the diverse needs of old and new multifamily and assisted living plumbing systems. Whether dealing with legacy infrastructure or modern installations, our licensed and insured plumbers provide tailored solutions that align with their specific requirements.

We offer customized maintenance plans to identify and address minor problems before they escalate, saving you time and money in the long run. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our prompt response to service requests, high-quality work, and 24/7 round-the-clock availability for emergency repairs.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Pumping

Grease traps capture fats, oil, grease (FOG), and solid particles before wastewater enters the municipal sewer lines. Our professional grease trap cleaning and pumping services prevent clogs that lead to costly repairs and environmental issues. We provide regular inspections, efficient cleaning, and proper disposal of waste to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for multifamily and assisted living kitchens and multi-family buildings. Our experienced technicians are trained in grease trap maintenance and have access to high-powered vacuum trucks and specialized tools for thorough cleaning.

Hose Bib Installation and Repair

We offer advanced hose bib installation, repair, and replacement services for multifamily and assisted livingbuildings. We ensure optimal functionality for various applications, like washing areas and irrigation systems. Our team is adept at fixing hose bib leaks, replacing worn-out parts, and addressing other issues using advanced diagnostic tools. In cases where replacement is necessary, we source high-quality parts and provide seamless integration with your existing plumbing system. Our services comply with local codes and regulations regarding pressure, backflow prevention, safety, and efficiency.

Ice Maker Boxes

We have extensive experience and expertise in ice-making boxes. Our skilled technicians ensure the proper placement and connection of new ice maker boxes to reduce the risk of leaks, water damage, or electrical faults. Our trained technicians swiftly diagnose and repair issues and guarantee that your ice makers operate at their capacity, meeting the demands of multifamily and assisted living units without interruptions. We offer valuable assistance in selecting the best replacement for ice maker boxes based on your production capacity needs, model type, and budget.

Water Fountain Services

We deliver full-service solutions for water fountains in multifamily and assisted living properties. Our experienced technicians are skilled in fountain care, from proper installation to plumbing connections and electrical safety to enhance aesthetics and functionality. Our qualified technicians can handle everything from filter replacements and adjusting water flow to diagnosing and fixing malfunctioning pumps, electrical components, and plumbing systems. We offer regular maintenance services to prevent algae growth and mineral buildup, keeping up water clarity and quality.

Dog Park Water Fountain

Our specialized services for dog park water fountains meet the unique needs of high-traffic areas while ensuring the safety of playful pups. With extensive experience maintaining pressurized dog park fountains and drainage systems with hygienic practices, we offer clean water flow for dogs. Our expertise lies in using high-quality, vandal-resistant materials that can withstand frequent use and the enthusiastic nature of your dogs.

Our team installs multiple water streams at varying heights, catering to dog sizes and accommodating furry visitors. We excel at addressing any issues during installation, including leaks, pressure problems, malfunctioning components, and seasonal shut-off valves. Our services include regular cleaning, filter replacements, and overall dog park fountain upkeep to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Dog Wash Station Installation

We install and maintain dog wash stations for multifamily and assisted living properties. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision and needs, ensuring that the installed features, like wash tubs, elevated platforms, sprayer options, and drainage systems, meet your preferences. We thoroughly assess your property’s layout and existing plumbing to determine the most suitable location for the dog wash station.

Our trained and certified plumbers prioritize safety measures, install anti-scald valves to prevent accidental burns to your pets and use water-saving fixtures to minimize water usage and operating costs, providing a cost-effective solution. We guarantee a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain setup, using high-quality and durable materials resistant to pet dander, fur, and cleaning chemicals.

Pond and Pool Pumps and Timers

Our expertise extends to various pump and timer types and brands found in multifamily and assisted living settings. We handle everything from installing new pumps, filters, and timers to repairing and maintaining existing equipment. Our plumbers are skilled at identifying and fixing leaks in pipes and joints to prevent water waste and damage. Prepare your pond or pool for the changing seasons with our winterization services, and ensure a smooth startup in the spring. We offer 24/7, round-the-clock emergency services to address issues promptly to minimize disruptions and property damage.

Washers and Dryer Conversions/Installations

For washer and dryer conversion and installation, we ensure a seamless process and handle proper venting, water supply lines, drain lines, and gas and electrical connections. Our skilled technicians specialize in converting existing laundry hookups, whether gas or electric, to accommodate various types of washers and dryers.

We guarantee the precise installation of new washer and dryer units and optimize performance for lasting results. Safety is our top priority during installations. Our team works closely with property managers or building personnel to schedule installations efficiently, minimizing disruptions and ensuring the timely completion of projects.

Assisted Living Plumbing

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We are renowned for our exceptional reputation and top-quality services for multifamily and assisted living properties. Our team comprises highly experienced and dedicated professionals committed to delivering outstanding results. We prioritize transparent communication throughout the project, providing detailed cost estimates, timelines, and comprehensive explanations of the work performed.

At Matrix Plumbing, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best through our upfront pricing and convenient scheduling options. Whether you require plumbing or HVAC services, we have the expertise to meet your needs. To experience our exceptional services firsthand, get a free quote or consultation today.

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